Host Contest

Are you a brand? A media company? A production house? A filmmaker?
A music director? A content creator? Or, an individual?

Then, you might need us.


Why? Because you need:
  • Exceptionally good, rare-to-find talent
  • Fresh, original, creatively awe-inspiring ideas

At WhatsUrIdea, we got both.
Talent that is remarkable. And ideas that are extraordinary.

And the best part is you get to directly choose the talent and ideas from our large pool of people.

For that, all you need to do is host a contest with us.


We will host a contest for YOU.
You pick the talent and ideas that you like the most.

The fees we charge are negligible.
But the talent and ideas you will get in return are invaluable!

So are you ready to host a contest?
  • Simply call us : +91- 7337263726
  • Or
  • Write to us:
    And tell us your needs.