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Language : English
Projecttype : Rap Song
End Date : 10 Feb, 2021
Situation : Scriptwriting (Screen Writing) is the process of writing down the movement , actions, expression & dialogue of the characters as it would be visually presented on the screen.

India’s mass media content is changing faster than ever. For a long time Bollywood’s success depended on the presence of the top star, dance sequences and fights scenes. Script as we know was secondary to these.

With the availability of cheaper internet and quality content with International & local OTT platforms, the audience for such masala movies dwindled giving way to better script and  storytelling. And after the Corona Lockdown, the demand for better content in all formats not just for web series has increased like never before.

This is the golden era for quality scripts.

So, do you have a story?  You can also write a successful script. Scroll down below to find out

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