What is script writing? Basic Script Writing Tips

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Landscape of video content has changed drastically. There is Snapchat, video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Instagram stories, Facebook Live , the options are literally becoming endless each passing day.  While you maintain a strong you tube marketing strategy at the same time engage with other video channels. These channels should complement or support your youtube content.

Similarly distribute your You Tube content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & reddit.  Social media users generally prefer sharing video content over any other content format. According to research from WordStream, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

The more popular your YouTube video becomes, the higher it will rank. As the video increases in popularity, the better the chance that associated links will be clicked, which will also grow your online business presence.

SEO benefits from adding videos in your website

You tube videos are often ranked high up in Google search page. It’s no secret that website content with quality you tube videos often appear first in the main page therefore treat your You Tube content like blogs (almost). Conduct key word research & then optimize your videos by putting keywords in title, description & tags

Here are few more ways you can get better ranking with video content on your webpages

Build backlinks – Putting high quality video within your website content can earn quality backlinks within your industry (obviously good content is appreciated) which helps boost your ranking. 

Reduce bounce rate - Including a relevant, valuable video on your webpage will keep visitors around longer, especially if they watch the video through to the end. 

Earn high ranks in video suggestions - If your video is super relevant and optimized, Google might rank it under their suggested videos.

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