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End Date : 14 Jan, 2021
Genre : Erotica

For example

Heroine is finally entering her Campus Girls Hostel as she slowly opens the door to her room something else is waiting for her. Shift the action to surrounding and set the mood for the film.

Gradually introduce the other characters and their purpose in the film

You have to grab the attention BANG from the start

A Normal Day

Further a scene focusing on the normal routine of the main character is important for the audience to understand the character. And to make sense of twists and actions that would be influenced by the main character’s decision.

Show the normal day of the protagonist

For example: Our main character  is a clerk at District Court. He/she takes the metro to work everyday, listens & files the complaint, helps the lawyer, supports his poor family  etc. etc.  as the writer wish.

On this story set –up now bring in the action

On a normal day, this Poor Clerk accidently witness a Judge taking a bribe from the lawyer and here you can kickstart the movie. The reader should be wondering  : Is the movie about corruption? Is it a rags to riches story? Will the poor clerk be a Justice Savior?

If the script creates the required suspense from the very beginning that’s success for the writer

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