Use of Archetype/standard characters

Language : Bhojpuri
Projecttype : Promotional Video
End Date : 31 Dec, 2020
Genre : Biopic

For example: Our main character  is a clerk at District Court. He/she takes the metro to work everyday, listens & files the complaint, helps the lawyer, supports his poor family  etc. etc.  as the writer wish.

On this story set –up now bring in the action

On a normal day, this Poor Clerk accidently witness a Judge taking a bribe from the lawyer and here you can kickstart the movie. The reader should be wondering  : Is the movie about corruption? Is it a rags to riches story? Will the poor clerk be a Justice Savior?

If the script creates the required suspense from the very beginning that’s success for the writer

Critical elements of the First Act

  • Can be shorter or longer than 10 pages but should end with a plot changing/inciting incident.
  • This incident should be powerful enough to force the protagonist to take a life-changing decision that in turn will have a great influence on the rest of the story line
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